Products for laboratory analysis



Devices, accessories and tools to perform your analysis of chemical laboratory microbiological.

BiologicAll, the advantage of a tailor-made service.

It often happens that companies "adapt" to what the market offers, using the CQ devices with expensive additives (eg. Beta-lactamase) and sometimes un necessary over-dosed (or conversely). Your company may have different needs than other companies in the same industry: different active ingredients and / or different doses.
Biologicall working with you as part of the validation of product samples through evaluation, and if necessary, carrying out comparative trials with different doses (calibration curves), alongside identifying customized product formulations which can better meet your needs .
This path can 'allow over time a significant savings and process optimization.
Biologicall guides you in the delicate phase of investment with seriousness and professionalism, assisting you in finding the best technical solutions in a fair economic balance-quality, until the end of the project thus optimizing costs and completion times.


"Working together means winning together."