Mascia Brunelli


Mascia Brunelli
Mascia Brunelli S.p.A manufactures in vitro Diagnostic immuno haematology and clinical chemistry and surgical Hemostatic (class III medical devices).  Mascia Brunelli S.p.A is a Distributor as well as other types of medical devices for tessuticoltura products immunohematology, molecular biology and laboratory analysis.
The objectives of Mascia Brunelli-Biolife are to fully meet the needs of its customers, in terms of product performance and service of pre and post sales support, to establish a process of continuous improvement of products and services offered to customers.
The consolidated position of origin, Mascia Brunelli S.p.A. Decides in 2003 to expand its activities to the field of professional cosmetics.
Thus began an adventure that turns System Depilar in short time success that give rise to the need to have an entire line of products.  
  The company's core Business has always been the company enforces a strict system of quality control and Mafi Brunelli S.p.A. applied to all its products.
• Its anti-ageing System (
• Purifying System (
• Whitening System (
• Riepitel System (
• Eyes & amp; Lips System (
• Anti Ageing Body System (
• Adi Tonic Body System (
• Drain Body System (
• Hydro Body Scrub System (
• Hydro System Cream (
Cosmetics Distribution Channel: Mascia Brunelli Lines:
• gloves
• disposable Washcloths
• hair removal wax