F.A.Q-Frequently Asked Questions

Office opening hours:

8.45-17.30-lunch break-phone: 0041 (0) 91 682 82 48
For general inquiries, write to:
To place an order please write to: or send a fax to: 0041 (0) 91 682 82 47

Biologicall Gmbh with registered office in Switzerland, in Corso San Gottardo, 89-6830 Chiasso, telephone 0041 (0) 91 682 48 82-Fax 0041 (0) 91 682 82 47, is entered in the commercial register of the Canton Ticino, VAT Number: IT-113,162,782.

Corporate purpose:

the development, import and export, marketing, promotion, advice and assistance about products, equipment and services in the chemical-biological, clinical, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, cosmeceutical, dietary, herbal phytocosmetic and natural food products in general, and mainly computer related scientific and professional. The company also aimed at developing, registering, buying, selling and exploitation of patents and trademarks, as well as participation and cooperation with similar companies in Switzerland and abroad.

General conditions of sale
The conditions of sale contained herein apply to all business transactions between the customer and Biologicall Sagl and exclude any other agreement not with standing unless specific agreement with strictly following conditions in writing by us. The fact that Biologicall Sagl avails not, at a given time of any of the terms herein can not be interpreted as a valid waiver of them and to take advantage of any further condition of cancellation.
Orders and contracts
1. By placing an order the customer transmits to Biologicall Sagl an offer by you to purchase the product or products identified/selected. Posting the purchase order implies consent to receive further communications of Biologicall Sagl described below, which are aimed exclusively at the conclusion and execution of the sales contract. Consider binding only written orders. Verbal agreements binding on us only if confirmed in writing by us; the same applies to amendments and additions to orders.

When ordering please specify:

  • the item code
  • the full name of each product
  • If present, your customer number or name.


2. Biologicall Sagl with a confirmation e-mail on receipt of the order transmitted by the client, with the assignment of a "client order number" to be used in all further communications with Biologicall Sagl.  Biologicall Sagl will check the order received and the actual availability of the requested goods and will communicate, in case the order may not be processed/accepted email address or number specified by the customer, and possibly cancelling the order at its sole discretion.

3. The customer has 24 hours from placing the order to Biologicall its possible annulment Sagl, phoning # 091 82 48 682 or by sending an e-mail to .

4. Biologicall Sagl will then deliver the goods, with the agreed mode of transport, directly at the address shown on the purchase order. Payment by the customer will be using the mode indicated in the offer or upon agreement at the time of purchase. 

Placing an order implies that the buyer and total adhesion without reserve to these general conditions of sale.

The delivery terms are not to be considered strict: there is no recognition of any damage for deliveries not made in time and in each case as a result of force majeure beyond Biologicall (e.g. strikes, lack of raw materials, etc.). Each order will be accepted unless approval of BiologicAll Sagl, and may be even partially fulfilled or repeatedly subject to availability.

  • Instructions on how to order, with the requested data and order form can be found by clicking here;
  • The minimum order amount is 50,00 CHF (VAT excluded);
  • Selling prices in our price list are approximate and not binding for our company; 
  • The payment, subject to various conditions specifically agreed with the customer, takes place through postal order or bank transfer or by credit card;

The prices stated in the offer or the price list, unless otherwise indicated, are tax-exempt, to which must be added the current VAT.  If you have established a new rate, any previous quotes and their additions will no longer be valid.
It is the Faculty of Biologicall, make changes to the prices of all or part of the price list, even before the deadline, without notice, in relation to changes brought on by market conditions beyond their control (e.g. exchange rate or market price changes of the supplier) and similarly you can make changes without notice, and techniques for printing errors as well as replacing and/or deletion of present products in the price list.
Delivery charges
The transport takes place at room temperature by courier agreement at a cost of 20.00 CHF (VAT), including subscriptions, for shipments in Canton Ticino; that amount will be charged on the invoice (unless otherwise mutually agreed with our sales department); for packages weighing more than 30 kg and large volumes of freight it will be quoted at them.The transport temperature-controlled freight cost is borne by the customer. In case of a request via express shipping we will be invoiced its cost.
Transport all shipments 
Are accompanied by carriage voucher or receipt issued at the time of shipment.
Modes of transportation and shipment of goods
In stock merchandise is generally delivered, from the time of ordering, the Ticino, from 24-72 hours until about a week depending on the distance and region (not to be considered in the calculation of delivery times, on weekends and public holidays). For internal or Switzerland outlying areas, it is possible that the time is longer. If the merchandise is not available, delivery times vary from 7 to 20 days depending on the type of items ordered; in all cases the delivery times represent the time normally required to deliver products and are provided for guidance purposes only, without any guarantee or warranty in respect of the same by Biologicall GmbH. 
  • Once you have confirmed your purchase, Biologicall Sagl will deliver what you have requested, to the address you have indicated on the order form.
  • We do not accept returns of materials unless previously agreed with our Sales Department;
  • For the purchase of certain chemicals require some special permits; It will, upon your request, to tell you the limitations for the purchase of such products;
  • We do not accept returns of materials unless previously agreed with our sales;
Delivery responsibility
All damages and/or deficiencies are to be reported to the carrier or the carrier at the time of delivery, indicating the problem on the transport document and in any event promptly notifying Biologicall writing (within 5 days) after delivery of the goods. In the absence of such communication products will be definitively determined to be compliant and then accepted by the client.
Return merchandise
No return is accepted without preliminary agreement with Biologicall Llc. Agreed return products must arrive sealed in their original packaging without any damage and were being kept in accordance with the instructions on the product label.  Products whose expiration date is close or where the delivery date back a month, cannot be taken back nor exchanged. Approved returns are in any case at the cost and risk of the shipper and the customer will be credited with the total amount decreased by 30%.
Payments, unless we specifically agree in writing or indicated on the order form and accepted by Biologicall Sagl, means advance by bank transfer or postal. If agreed, exceeded the agreed payment, subject to the effects of late payment in respect of late payments and all recovery costs, which are borne by the customer, will commence in our favor the interest at the official rate discount applicable at the time of maturity. The bank and post office are listed on the offer document and the invoice.
The purchaser must communicate in writing of any complaints regarding quantity and type defects within 5 days of receipt. In case of complaint no submission will be accepted without prior agreement of the company. In addition to specific guarantees that are provided to the customer, together with the delivered product, the sale of products are also subject to the legal safeguards established by law (code of obligations). The warranty covers only manufacturing defects and non-compliance of the product acknowledged by the manufacturer, provided that it is used correctly, in accordance with its intended use and as provided in the attached technical documentation. The warranty does not cover maintenance preventive/routine, if provided by the manufacturer, or its parts.
In case of damage/equipment failure, failure of preventive maintenance/operations, will void the warranty.
In case of lack of conformity Biologicall Sagl provides restoration of conformity by repair/replacement as quickly as possible consistent with the re-entry and shipping the product or products.
Except for the replacement of defective products and non-compliant, the vendor assumes no responsibility for direct or indirect damages that may result from improper use of the product by the recipient. Unless otherwise indicated on the package, are always excluded from warranty all materials subject to natural wear or use low.
The goods may be returned provided that:
  • the return is done using the original packaging;
  • the returned goods must be accompanied by delivery note and a copy of the courier invoice;
  • transport for the return is borne by the buyer.
Warning-General notes
The Purchaser acknowledges these general terms implied as a constituent part of the contract.
In case of misunderstanding, will refer exclusively the jurisdiction of Mendrisio (TI-Switzerland).
If the product is tampered with or labels that identify the Serial Number or production lot are removed or tampered with, Biologicall Llc reserves the right to judge the validity of the guarantee. Remain at the customer's expense is proof of the return of the products, which must be returned by registered letter with return receipt, expenditure and repayment risks. Biologicall is not liable if the goods are damaged when returning non-original packaging.
The product warranty remains unchanged from the date of purchase of the product, and also in case of replacement of parts or restore operation, the warranty remains the original and cannot be renewed nor postponed on different dates from the date of purchase.
In case the customer is not entitled to exercise the warranty on merchandise purchases, shipping charges for returning the same will be charged to him and will be provided upon acceptance of shipment.
Products and equipment warranties
a)Reagents and devices;
Our reagents and devices are intended for in vitro use and proper storage until they expire is borne by the customer.
b) nutritional supplements and skincare Products Bionike;
BioNike guarantees:
Nickel tested: trace nickel less than 0.00001% *
No preservatives
Fragrance free **
Gluten free
Rigorous selection of all components
Formulas with high agreeableness and tolerability with active principles at the forefront
Products tested in vitro on a model that proposes and features human skin reactions
Clinically tested products under medical supervision
Scientific research, innovation and high quality standards
Social responsibility
* Residual content of nickel can create, particularly in susceptible people, allergic reactions or sensitization. Then each batch is analysed to ensure a nickel content less than 0.00001%.
** Except where noted
c) intellectual and information Products
The products developed by Biologicall may not be reproduced or modified and/or disclosed without explicit written consent from our company.
Intellectual property rights
The total or partial reproduction, modification or use of the trademark "BiologicAll" contained on the website www.biologicall.com are absolutely prohibited.
I am also absolutely forbidden the total or partial reproduction, modification or use of drawings, models and patents, which are available on the www.biologicall.com website.
For more information please contact: the number 0041 91 682 48 82 or send a fax to 0041 91 682 47 82.