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Biologicall distributes exclusively for all BioNike brand, Switzerland owned by ICIM, pharmaceutical extraction company founded in Milan in 1930.
It featured already since the 60 's, under the BioNike brand, all their dermo-cosmetics lines, dedicating its research and development to the study of specific formulations for patients with sensitive skin, allergic and reactive, and to relieve skin problems preventing its occurrence.
BioNike references are highly effective and respond to "Philosophy of NO":
• no preservatives
• unscented
• gluten free
• nickel tested

Nickel, preservatives and perfume are now known to be the main cause of contact allergies as evidenced by numerous dermatological studies. Gluten, also recently is proving a new emerging allergen, mainly in the dermocosmetic field stakeholders with irritated or injured skin.

Bionike, during his long experience of research and development in the dermocosmetic has developed several specific lines for the whole family, to satisfy every need in terms of delicate skin, allergic and sensitive.
His formulations today meet increasingly demanding audiences not only how, but also effectiveness as practicalness and pleasantness.



     BIONIKE a large family of products for the most demanding skins...





Complete line of treatments designed to protect and defend skin, even the most sensitive. Fully formulated with selected
raw materials, responding to different needs with targeted products for cleansing, moisturizing, protecting and localized
treatment of skin problems.
The wide range of products can satisfy even the most demanding consumer.
The DEFENCE line includes products:
                 TRIDERM LINE

Born for cleansing and treating the skin very sensitive, intolerant and reactive, TRIDERM is also ideal for the discerning
consumers in selecting products that can offer guarantees high tolerance combined with a very pleasant application.
It is the line recommended if: dermatitis, psoriasis and contact allergies.
The new TRIDERM ALFA designed specifically for cleansing and treating the skin hyper-reactive and atopic.
 TRIDERM line includes products:
                                       PROXERA LINE


Line designed especially for dry skin or affected by xerosis even severe, the condition where the skin tends to dehydrate
losing up to 25% of its normal content of water.
All products Proxera are highly tolerable and respond to Philosophy of No: that is WITHOUT Preservatives - Perfume -
Gluten- Nickel Tested
Proxera line includes products:
• CLEANING (download data sheet)
                               ACTEEN LINE



Offers a complete treatment in response to the problems of oily, impure and acne-prone skin.
The entire product line has been formulated for people with these characteristics to determine a synergic action
anticomedogenica and sebum-regulating. 
The ACTEEN line includes products:



                              ONAILS LINE


Specific treatment line for healthy nails, nice and strong.
ONAILS products are formulated to combat the problems of: brittle nails, thickened nails and nail-biting-yellowed.
The line you add even the nails and cuticles emollient lipogel, mild solvent remover and treatment for Onychomycosis.
The entire range is gluten free and ONAILS Nickel Tested




                          SHINE ON LINE


Permanent colour treatment to the phytosterols and vegetable proteins that respects the hair and scalp.
Thanks to targeted assets, SHINE ON not only guarantees a hair coloring top-performing, but at the same time protects
the property, leaving it after each application, shiny, nourished and restored.
All products are highly tolerable SHINE ON.
For sensitive skin, SHINE ON HS is without The SHINE ON line is free of preservatives, gluten, ammonia, Resorcinol and
Paraphenylenediamine, Nickel Tested and includes products:
Colour range: 18 SHADES
SHINE ON line HS is without preservatives, gluten, ammonia, Fenilendiammine, Resorcinol and * Nickel Tested and
includes products:
Colour range: 4 SHADES
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