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 verification status of compliance of product






Characterization, labeling and advertising of foods and drinks, special foods, supplements, cosmetics


The signs that should describe or characterize "foodstuffs in a label, a billboard or on a website and how this characterization (advertising) are regulated and described in a specific order of the Federal Department of Home Affairs on their characterization and the advertising of foodstuffs. 
Every company that produces and / or enter the Swiss market foodstuffs and / or objects of use has the task of applying a quality assurance system based on HACCP and in this context has the obligation to ensure that the commodity produced and / or purchased before being marketed meets legal requirements on health and safety (see also Analysis Laboratory) and the obligation to ensure that the statements and publicity accompanying the product is accurate and authorized by the specific legal ordinances.
The characterization includes all inscription on the packages, the packaging, the label of a product or its advertising message.
It is the responsibility of the individual asset food ensure that the characterization of the products sold is correct.
Biologicall performs checks of labeling (characterization) of:
    • Food and beverage
    • Special Food (Food supplements, Dietary foods for special medical purposes, food supply aimed at weight control,       Infant formulas, foods for               people with high nutritional requirements and energy etc.)
    • Leaflets
 • Advertising signs
    • Cosmetics
 • Medical devices
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