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       Why Biologicall           



Why do we put ourselves in your needs to 360 ° and we choose for you only the best!
Our is the best value possible price offered at the most competitive market.
We put great diligence, professionalism and attention to taking care of even the smallest details of the supply of products and services.

A bit of history:

BiologiCall was born in 2006 in collaboration with dinamyc and motivated team of biologist and professional and together will be  started an ambitous project: working real „ together“ with a client, in totally respect of your  needs and your sistem „ people- environment“.
The our collaborators working daily with passion for guaranteded the best client’s satisfaction!
The direct experience of Biologicall’s scientific team was grow up in 25 years in seriously way in biologicall area with closely contact with pharmaceuticall and food production companies, in the process control sector  and microbiologicall quality check and formation enviropment and quality assurance too.
Find us in Switzerland , in Chiasso, near to italian customs, in the principal point of freeway and train’s connection of north/south Europe.

This our positionts its particularly positive for commercial s relationship import/export  and the comunication between  the switzerland scientific industry ( Ticino, Basilea, Ginevra, Losanna, Zurigo) and north Italian industry side (Lombardia, Triveneto, Piemonte, Emilia Romagna).

So, why choose Biologicall?
Why we are much more than a common supplier of products and services, we are the team Biologicall, and we want to make a difference, as your trusted partner!
And last but not least, because of us say that we are sympathetic ...;-)