Distribution services of specificall Health-care products:
only exclusive brands from estetic and pharmaceutical world.
A largest assortiment of cosmetics for sensitive,intolerant and allergic skin and food supplements. 


Biologicall is actively engaged for several years in the field of health, wishing to contribute actively to the well-being and beauty of the people.
Why Biologicall chose to distribute high quality products respectful of personal well-being and the environment: selected and distributed brands reflect this choice, as well as support activities at partner companies.
• Pharmacy Channel product distribution:
• Skin cosmetics BioNike
• Dietary supplements
• product Distribution Channel:
• Professional cosmetic Mascia Brunelli
• technical training:
• sales techniques
• Marketing
• Make Up
• product characterization and compliance Testing
• representation
• medical and scientific information

Our employees meet regularly purchase managers of pharmacies located throughout Canton ticino, assisting them in purchasing, training and sale of our catalog.

Biologicall supports Pharmacy staff in technical training of its products, in the correct directions for use and, where possible, suggesting the choice of the most appropriate lines in each case.

The good knowledge of the products and sales techniques is crucial to carry out effectively the pharmacy sale: training activities are carried out in a targeted and therefore on the basis of the specific needs of the store involved.

The sale of products is further supported through promotion and direct to customers via specific events (eg. The image consulting days).


If you are a pharmacist and want to stand out for the better by choosing only the highest quality products and sold exclusively in pharmacies, contact us.

We believe we could help you and we will try to convey the passion that animates us and get to know our products (discover them now!), Performed by professionals who have more than 50 years of experience in the dermocosmetics and in close collaboration with the best medical specialists in dermatology , allergy, pediatrics, gynecology, but without
forget the great role of primary care and preventive.

Ask without commitment all the information you want and we will do our best to satisfy your needs!